Soup Photography: On The Scene

As the print date draws near, Ski Town Soups continues to check-off the remaining items on the to-do list!  Last week, the final photo shoot was staged for the soup images that will be featured in the cookbook.  Along with photos that we’ve already received from restaurants and ski resorts, these shots of ladles serving Chicken Tortilla Soup, suspended spoons with Pomegranate Salsa, bread bowls filled with World Famous Artichoke and Cheddar Soup, colorful tones of Watermelon Gazpacho, and rustic textures of Goulash will enchant a reader or home cook!  John Wiese, the food photographer, and Susan Kroese, the art director and food stylist, tackled a very ambitious schedule – 30 different soup set-ups, 4 ingredient collages, and a couple of cover options.  It was incredible to have this experienced team working to perfect each and every bowl of soup!

Soup Photography: On The SceneThe restaurants featured in the Ski Town Soups cookbook provided serving suggestions with their recipes, whether it was sour cream on Cabin Chili or toasted rye bread with Reuben Soup.  These recommendations, along with key ingredients helped guide the plating.  For example, the Idaho Potato, Beer & Cheese Soup from Branding Iron Grill outside Grand Targhee Resort listed chili powder as an ingredient.  So, we popped some popcorn (because what goes better on a beer cheese soup than popcorn?) and tossed it with vibrant red chili powder.  Against the creamy and muted tone of the soup, this garnish popped with color!  The accompaniments were the most fun to prepare, and each garnish provides a uniqueness that showcases every soup.  Can’t wait for you to see!

Jennie Iverson
Jennie Iverson


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