A Soup-er School Day

Today, Ski Town Soups participated in a fundraising event at Red Sandstone Elementary School, Vail’s public elementary school.  This was an incredible way to kick-off cooking with young ones and teaching them to make soup (an extremely forgiving course).  With the help of 50 kindergarteners and parents/teachers, we cooked 6 crockpots full of soup.  We made my personal recipe for roasted chicken noodle soup with caramelized onions.  We also created 2 gourmet soups courtesy of Ski Town Soups: Creamy Tomato Basil Soup from Simply Gourmet and Cottage Chili from The Cottage at Mirror Lake Inn (both restaurants are in Lake Placid, New York and are near Whiteface Mountain). 


The fantastic room parent, Jamie Stephen, organized the ingredients, equipment, and, basically, all resources involved (including Traci Greenwood and myself, all 3 pictured above).  Dr. Nancy Murri and Mrs. Amy Rogers welcomed all kindergarteners, parents, faculty/staff, and other students to their classrooms for a cozy lunch of soup and accompaniments.  This “Soup Drive” aimed to raise funds for the Eagle Valley Humane Society and give the children the ability to sponsor a pet, ultimately teaching them to care for animals.  This event taught children to responsibly raise money, as well as provide a discussion about service projects and giving back to the community.   Additionally, cooking projects introduce kids to math, following directions, and teamwork.

On this snowy afternoon, it was a “soup-er” day to cook and ladle soup for a good cause!  We absolutely enjoy the ski town we live in, so we aim to give back and foster a sense of community!  Mission accomplished!

Jennie Iverson
Jennie Iverson


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