Snow Tea

I recently learned that "Snow Tea" exists!  It's a white lichen that grows on rocks at high elevations and is becoming exceedingly rare.  A bummer, because it's known to have a natural, warming effect in cool weather.  Which is what we need, because ...

It's snowing!  It's really snowing!!  I presume this is October in the mountains: snow on a mid-October Saturday.  This calls for Tazo tea!  I love "Awake" in the morning (and, "Tazo Rest" before bedtime). Luckily, I have the perfect mugs to enjoy a cuppa!  Last year, my husband took a winter skiing vacation with a bunch of "guy friends" (is this the correct terminology?) to Jackson Hole, Wyoming. When he returned, he had purchased these glorious mugs from the National Museum of Wildlife.  These mugs, by artist Debbie Dean, offer a beautiful winter cabin scene to which a skier is arriving.  Ah, ski-in / ski-out convenience!  Debbie Dean's pottery is wheel-thrown or hand-built and then personally hand-painted, one at a time, making each an original!  Thrilled to note that her work has been featured in The Smithsonian, New York Museum of Folk Art, and Country Living Magazine, as well as the Iverson household!

Jennie Iverson
Jennie Iverson


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